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Fundraiser Travels From Birmingham to Bucharest in a London Taxi



Josh James and his mate Ben have completed their travel
from Birmingham to Bucharest in a £375 481000 mile London Taxi. The fundraising road trip came to light after Josh's mum had a cancer scare. The two boys filmed their trip to log their progress across social media accounts,  and uploaded daily on YouTube. Josh is well into his media, so it was a no brainer to record everything they saw.

The charity run was in aid of Cancer Research, and their fundraising page can be found here.

Here are the links to Josh's YouTube videos so you can see exactly what lengths they've gone to - they are a great watch! :

Day 1- Did we make it?
Day 2 - Wasn't expecting this!
Day 3 - 1000 miles covered!
Day 4 - We have a problem!
Day 5- The last border
Day 6 - We got stuck in the mountains
Day 7 - We did it!

And for an added laugh, here's a fan made video Adolf reacts to Josh and Ben's road trip.

For those who are not aware, Josh is going to be our decal and custom t-shirt supplier. Now he is back from his trip I will be cooperating with him to get our t-shirts, hoodies and decals made up.

Please don't forget to drop them a small donation for a worthy cause.

What a great Caper,
and for a Good Cause too
I went on a 3600 mile Euro Roadtrip in August 2011 in a 300k miler G plate Volvo 760 to Brasov in Romania ...Great experience.
We even did a Lap of the Ring on the way out plus the Stelvio pass and the Transfargas in Romania

I've just watched all the videos right through... Did they manage to drive the Taxi back or did they scrap it and fly back?



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