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Everybody, This is Cammy


So me and my Seo' have been going steady for a while now, but I haven't been treating her how I should! With the daily grind, frustrations and sitting in traffic day to day she's acquired all sorts of bumps, scrapes and a tiny little lust for oil.

Luckily being that we're in an open relationship and both feel quite liberal to the idea of me driving another car, we agreed to allow space for another in our relationship.

Introducing, Cammy:

Cammy is a late model XV20 Toyota Camry with a  1MZ-FE 3.0 V6 producing 192BHP - I chose Cammy because she's economical and frugal at around 18MPG city and a little more highway, practical at almost 5 metres in length and comfortable (that last one is true).



Features include:
Miles of paint to wax

Kidnapping/Shoplifting facilities

Being impossible to park

Being too nice not to care about

Cammy isn't a project car and she's really just around to be driven a lot - at 121,000 miles so far there isn't a single beat wrong and most likely won't be for years to come.

So far I've:

* Fitted the world's cheapest Lexus 17" IS200 sport alloys and tyres (One tyre exploded today)
* Installed a Captain's hat in the rear parcel shelf
* Fitted Bluetooth stereo with blah blah blah, it's a Sony
* Dash Cam
* Square plates because #JDM #noneofmycarsareworthmorethanthenextMOT
* Repainted wipers and front grill
* Fixed an air intake idle issue
* Fixed a locking brake calliper and replaced front disks/pads

Haha I love this - everything about it is just so enormous that it makes me smile. Actually quite a nice looking car too IMO and looks clean for the mileage!

I particularly like the Captain's hat in the back - very appropriate for a battleship like this!

This is incredible.
I love the car, never knew these existed.

Thanks Guys, Cammy's such a big girl because of her diet.

Mainly current 2 Litre Golf's and E90 320i's - She always gets the best reaction out of the Ztec Fiesta crowd though, I'm not sure what performance advantage having a mismatched red roof and door mirrors might give you?

It's a special kind of street justice putting a £16,000 hot hatch in your rear view mirror in a £1600 Automatic Saloon with a sailors hat on the parcel shelf.

For a little while I had a "New Driver Caution!" warning badge in the back window.

I love these cars....Is she still going Strong?



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