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Leaving Car when going overseas


If I was to go overseas for between 6 months and a year, or longer, depending on what happens, what would I have to do about the car?

I was thinking about this yesterday.  I have asked in work and they will allow me to go away yet still have a job when I come back and I might be able to leave it in the secure car park In work.  Others have over a long period, but I would likely need to ask permission to use the car park.

But what about tax and mot? So a sorn means off the road, so I wouldn't need to pay tax, I assume.  But what about insurance?
If I cant use the carpark the only alternative is outside my mothers house, which doesnt have resident only pakring unlike my street, because I wouldn't be able to renew the permit.

I need to find out about these things before making more enquiries I think.

Is there anything else that needs to be considered?  I really do not want to sell the car.  It isn't an option for me.

If it's in the work carpark that should be private property, therefore sorn it. The MOT will most likely lapse but you're entitled to drive it to a local MOT station from where it has sat for x amount of time without MOT.

Insurance wise, I'm unsure if you get penalised for insuring a car on sorn or not. I've got 3 cars tucked away on sorn and no MOT, and I've not got insurance on them. You should be fine without.

Alternatives, as I personally wouldn't like to leave my car on the street if I'm thousands of miles away for a length of time, is garage storage. Local to me a council garage in a built up area is around £1 per day - £30 monthly. I store two cars in a barn for 35 per month with access to electric etc. There are alot of storage companies based on farms down this way that you could get a good deal for dry storage, it just depends on the budget.

As you say, it's not worth selling the car for the sake of a lengthy holiday really. I certainly wouldn't. If you need any more help on this just give me a shout.

Definitely worth considering a trickle charger and trying to find somewhere you can keep it hooked up, as it would be a real pain to have to shell out for a new battery when you got back. Would be beneficial if you knew someone helpful who would also be happy to go and top your tyres up every 2 or 3 weeks too?

You should be fine to store the car in a private car park without any tax, insurance or MOT. However bear in mind that if someone damages it while you're gone, you won't have any cover.

Mine's been sat outside for 1 - 2 years now and taking the above in to account, it's still doing ok. Looking a little grubby, but still starts straight up etc.

Thank you for the replies.  I have some enquiries to make first and I will return to this thread when I actually go.  If I am able to go.


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