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Members Paseos / RHYS - The Paseo
« on: January 20, 2012, 12:10:34 am »
Well, here she is.

Bit of history here for the car and its owners.

September 96 the car was sold brand new by Cowie Bristol Toyota, the Sports Package (Front Lip, Rear Lip, Sideskirts, Bootspoiler and 14" OZ Alloys) was fitted at the customers expense. It changed hands after 3 years and was P/X'd at Brislington Park Toyota & Lexus, Bristol, where a lady had bought it and owned it for 9 years. Mikey Jordan then bought it from this lady with 36000 miles on the clock. Fresh and standard. From there Mikey spent a few thousand pounds making it how I bought it in 2010.

March 2010 - Mileage 46177.

Modifications Carried Out By Previous Owner:


TRD Panel filter
Corolla Inlet Manifold
Magnecore 8mm Ignition Leads
Custom cat-back exhaust


KYB Excel-G shock absorbers
Tein lowering springs
Whiteline adjustable panhard rod
Tanabe front strut brace
Black Diamond grooved front brake discs
Black Diamond brake pads
Starlet GT Rear Hubs (Disc Brakes)


TC shortshifter
Royal Purple gearbox oil


Toyota Optional Lip Kit
Toyota Optional Rear spoiler
Team Dynamics 'Jet' alloy wheels
Clear side repeaters
De-egged front indicators
Xenon Headlight bulbs
Tinted rear windows


Toyota Cassette Player
AE92 Corolla Gti front seats
Cynos rear seats
Cynos Doorcards
TRD gearknob
Carbon fibre effect dial surround and clock surround

Things Changed Since Ownership :

New Speakers All Round (+ Two Wired To Amp)
OEM Fog Lights
14" Griffin Alloy Wheels (Standard Si) Sprayed Citroen Poseidon Blue
Original Paseo Seats
Audi Floor Matts (shit takers..)
JVC Headunit with iPod Connection
OEM Headlamp Protectors
JDM Coin Holder
Centerconsole Armrest (needs re-fitting)
JDM Rear Light Wiring
OEM Roof Rack (shows Only)
JDM 6x12.5 Rear Plate

Modifications To Come :

Galliano Style Decals (like OEM Options) in metallic grey.
Alloy Wheels Refurbished Lime Green Or Neon Pink..
Wire Up JDM Ignition Barrel Illumination
Wire In JDM (look-a-like) Footwell Illumination (3 small green LED's)
LHD Speedo Binacle To House Fog Light Button
Wire Up Front Fog Lights

More Photos To Come :)

Toyota Vehicle Security System TVS IIIB Owners Manual

Operating Instructions

Top Button ><
Bottom Button <>

UNLOCK (Disarm) - Press = Once (<>) - Hazard Light Indication = Flash Twice - LED Indication = Stop Flashing
*Note: If door is not opened within 30 seconds, doors will relock automatically.

LOCK (Arm) *With interior protection* - Press = Once (><) - Hazard Light Indication = Flash Once - LED Indication = Start Flashing

LOCK (Arm) *Without interior protection* - Press = Twice (><) - Hazard Light Indication = First Press - one short flash, Second Press - one long flash - LED Indication = Start Flashing

*WARNING: When the system is armed do not unlock and open the vehicle (doors or boot) by the key method as this will sound the siren.

System Feature

TVSS IIIB is a system which offers an addictional Theft Deterrent to complement the Engine Immobilisor System (EIS) described in the owners manual.

The TVSS IIIB is designed to detect
A. Movement within the vehicle's interior. (if selected on the handset)
B. Opening of doors, boot or bonnet.
C. Disconnection of the battery.
D. The sound of glass being attacked. (for the following vehicles only: Carina E Estate, Previa, Rav4 5-door, Landcruiser 80 and Hiace).

When the system is armed and one of the above conditions is detected, the hazard lights will flash and the siren will sound for 30 seconds.

To Stop The Siren Sounding

-If the siren sounds pressing the Remote Control Lock Button will cancel the siren and leave the vehicle doors locked and the system armed.
-Pressing the Remote Control Unlock Button will cancel the siren and disarm the system. If a door or bonnet is not opened within 30 seconds, the doors will automatically lock and the system will arm.

System Operation


The LED operates as shown above.

WARNING: It should not be relied upon to indicate that the vehicle is armed/locked as it will also operate under the following conditions:

Turn Ign. off -> Exit Vehicle -> Close Door -> LED Flashes

If the doors are subsequently opened, then closed (without operating the remote control), it will continue to flash.
If the unlock button is pressed, it will stop the LED flashing.


1. The vehicle is supplied with 2 remote controls. Up to 4 remote controls can be programmed to operate the system.
*WARNING : If all of the remote controls are lost, the central control unit will have to be replaced.

2. For the system to function correctly all doors, the boot and bonnet must be fully closed.

3. By pressing the Lock Button twice the vehicle is locked and the system is armed without interior protection. This could be necessary if people or pets are to be left in a locked vehicle for a shot period of time.
If the Lock Button is pressed a third time the system will remain armed, but with interior protection reinstated. The interior sensor can now be turned on and off with successive operation of the Lock Button.

4. If the vehicle is unlocked using the remote control, but the boot or doors are not opened within 30 seconds; the security system will automatically rearm and lock the vehicle.

5. The interior light will be switched on for approximately 5 seconds when the system is disarmed.

6. The security system has a memory; in the event that the system was activated during your absence, the hazard lights will flash 3 times when the system is disarmed.

Note: Unlocking the vehicle by key (doors or boot) will not disarm the alarm system.

In Case The Remote Control Does Not Work

1. Check whether the LED on the remote control lights up. If not, the battery may need replacing.

2. In case the system has lost its synchronisation, press both buttons of the remote simultaneously for two seconds. This should return the system to normal operation.

3. If another remote control is available for the vehicle, check for its correct opperation. If not, contact your local dealer.

Replacing The Remote Control Battery

If the remote control range becomes shorter or its LED has become weak or dim or refuses to work at all, you must replace the battery of the remote control. Batteries are available from your local Toyota Dealership

Part Number : 08192-00960.

*Nota :
The LED on the remote control will indicate the status of the remote control's battery. The LED will dim BEFORE the remote control becomes inoperable.
Changing the remote control's battery will not erase the remote control's code from the main control unit.
We recommend replacing the battery at every maintenance period to ensure that the remote control works properly. Under normal conditions, batteries have a lofe of about one year. The battery fitted at the factory my have a shorter life. There is no need to remove the remote control printed circuit board while replacing the battery.

Replacing The Battery

1. Remove the screw on the back of the remote control.
2. Remove the rear cover.
3. Take out the old battery.
4. Insert the new battery (CR2025/LITHIUM) with positive (+) side facing to the rear cover.
5. Refit the rear cover and check that the remote control works.

*Nota : Avoid touching the battery with bare fingers, as body moisture may effect contacts and prevent the unit for working properly.

Dispose of the old battery in a safe way.

Technical & Maintenance / Remote Central Locking
« on: January 18, 2012, 10:48:00 pm »
The Remote Central Locking is the bain of our lives, especially if you are the type who does not have a clue when it comes to these.

Yes sure, they lock and unlock your car at ease, but when they stop working what do you do?

What if I go to unlock the car and it does not unlock.. and the little red light does not flash on my keyfob?

The battery has most likely died on you. To rectify this, the keyfob has one little screw at the back of the fob, this can be un-fastened with a small set of screwdrivers from Christmas crackers (yep - they come in extremely handy). The battery inside can go often, or not at all in your ownership. You can pick these up from any shop these days (Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Wilkinsons, Tesco etc etc) and it may need to be replaced every now and then. Just pop the back cover back on and pop the screw in and tighten. Jobs a good'n.

What if I go to unlock the car and it does not unlock.. and the little red light does flash on my keyfob?

This is a problem I faced around a week ago. Whatever you do, don't unlock it with the key. As soon as the door opens the alarm will sound and even starting the car up makes no difference. Just stand outside of the car, lock with the key and the alarm will stop. Press unlock, lock, unlock, lock, unlock, lock etc etc until the lights flash. It has a little weak point every now and then (then again, it is 15 years old after all) and you can motor on.

What if my alarm keeps going off at Stupid-O-Clock in the morning?

A number of possibilities here.

    * If you had the sunroof open and forgot to close it, bits and pieces fly in and trigger the interior alarm.
    * If you have not used the car in a while, your battery is going flat. The sensors will then stop working and the alarm will sound as if someone is trying to have your car away. The energy used to sound the alarm often forces your battery to go flat.
    * If your battery is poor, it will fail to sensor the interior and thus the alarm is sent the message that something is breaking the sensor bounds. The alarm will sound and kill your battery.

Why doesn't my car lock with the remote?

First of all, check to make sure the doors and bootlid are shut, if not, shut them. It should then work.
Secondly, is the light flashing on your remote? If not then see above about the battery in the fob.
Thirdly, if the light flashes, keep trying, it will gain signal again.

My Paseo doesn't have a key fob, why not?

All UK market Paseos came with remote central locking. So you should have a little two button remote with a Toyota logo. If not, and you just use the key, it is easy to get a keyfob programmed. A seperate topic for the programming can be found in the resources section. Back around 3 years ago my aunties Paseo keyfob packed in, so for her birthday my mum got her a new one and had it programmed by Toyota. It cost her £75. Don't fret, it wont cost you that much. You can find old keyfobs laying around in Toyotas at the breakers yard. They will all work providing they are the same as the picture at the top. It is just a case of following the seperate guide to Programming the keyfob. If you don't want to mess around with it yourself, always try your local Toyota Dealership and ask for someone to "re-programme" it for you.

Here are a list of cars that share the same keyfob:

Toyota Corolla
Toyota Celica
Toyota Starlet
Toyota MR2
Toyota Carina
Toyota Camry
Toyota Previa
Toyota Sera

So if you see any of those in the breakers yard... check the glovebox, ashtray, floor, ignition etc and pocket any Toyota fobs you can.

I would like to order one from Toyota and have it programmed into my car, what do I do?

Go to your local dealership armed with the part number for the keyfob and ask for it to be programmed too. They might sting you in cost but... what doesn't these days?

Part No. : 08191-00880


Modifications / How To Turbo The 5efe Engine
« on: January 18, 2012, 10:44:16 pm »
Taken from the guys at Pukka Performance :

Guys , Girls , Sheeps, Cats, Hamsters, Dogs and all alike thinking of going 5e but are not too sure on what you need and what to do.

Firstly and Foremost get yourself a badass 5e, now the 5e does have advantages but also disadvantages.

Yes you will get slightly more power and which ever turbo you have will spool earlier also giving you the opportunity to use a larger more fancy setup.

However the 5e does not particularly rev high and doesn't like to be revved hard with power usually dropping off alot earlier than in a 4e.

A more technically qualified Starletier could explain but it's to do with the 5e not being quite square in terms of Bore/ Stroke.


When removing your 4e there are a numerous amount of things that you will need to aquire to fit on the 5e.

1. SUMP: The 4e sump has the oil return which is paramount obviously

2. OIL PICK UP/ STRAINER: Needs to be used when using the 4e sump as its a different length to the 5e one do not mix and match these 4e with 4e !!!!!

3. Oil Feed/ Oil filter Plate: Unbolt this from the 4e as it then prevents finding a different oil feed location and making up custom lines. You need to remove the large bolt from the 5e block drill and tap the 5e then fit the 4e one.

4. 4e or 5e Cylinder Head : This has been covered about a million times and now a million and one times. Both can be used here guys it's not really an Issue there is a water way in the 4e head on the Inlet side but thats blocked off by the Manifold and the Gasket. On the 5e its not there at all.

5. 5e Flywheel: The 5e Flywheel needs to be used as the 4e has a different Crank bolt pattern. However Aasco sell 5e Flywheels to fit 4e clutches as they are 212mm as opposed too 200mm on the 5e, as we all know 12mm can make all the difference laugh.gif . These Aasco flywheels are uber light and awesome bits of kit.

6. 4e Rocker cover, ensure you rob this as it has the PCV.


The 5e Pistons are the same size as 4e but its the Rods that are different so when going fully forged as many of you do , ensure you get the correct combo guys.

Then also 5e bearings there are a few companies that supply these, Toga, Top line, ACL, Toyota etc etc. Don't forget your thrust washers also 4e ad 5e are different so beware.

A fully forged 5e with bottom end rebuild kits usually range from £1000 upwards. I bought the following but you guys don't have to do the same.

74.5mm Wosner Pistons
5e Scat H beam Rods and ARP Bolts
Bottom end rebuild kit (Seals, Gaskets everything to renew bottom end)
Cylinder Head rebuild kit ( Everything to renew head)
5e Cam belt Kit
Oil filters
Water pump
Oil pump ( Ensure you pump has the seal in it or in the block)
Oil filters
Oil pressure switch
OEM Thrust washers
Top line big end bearings
Top line main bearings
ARP Main Bolts
ARP Headbolts
OEM Locating Dowels

That should sort you out for the time being in regards to the bottom end guys.

You need to ensure that your 5e is correctly rebored , honed and knotched to accept the Rods/ Pistons.

Also your crank reground if need be and bearing purchased to suit.

Any competent engine builder/ machinist will do this for you and may advice on fully balancing the bottom end depending on your budget and or application.


When timing up your engine whack it on the 4e marks this has been done many times and works a treat AZE_B used thisd method and got another 50ft/lbs of torque and loads more bhp thumbsup.gif .

The easiest and most common thing to do is to remove the valve give it a damn good clean and then remove the circlip and fit a washer pushing the spring furthur down and increasing the Oil pressure. Obviously to much pressure is not good but alot of well built 5e's have failed due to low pressure especially on Idle and also on full chat higher in the rev range.

Guys this is just a basic guide to get you started and help its not a complex giude once I have some more time i'll include Pictures and the way in which AZE, GAZ and other 5e people including myself have done it. On start up im eeing 6.5 bars worth of Oil presure droppng off to 5 bar @ about 1500rpm when cold on first start up.


Just another little pointer here and something which in normally overlooked as we all get nervous when its nearly start time. Ensure that everything has been checked and double checked. Remove the king leadand give her at least 5-7 cranks too get some oil around the system. Then plug her back in and start her. Alternatively remove the EFI fuse and do it like this. Observe the Oil pressure light carefully and be sure it goes out, also don't worry about new smells and burning if it's all new funny smells will be present.

Modifications / How To Tune Your Paseo
« on: January 18, 2012, 10:43:15 pm »
Pete, from our old site, asked many-a-question. In the end I decided to put all of these questions, and answers, in to one big topic for all to read. This makes life easier for those going down the same route as Pete.

Pete is going for the track/sprint car approach using his standard UK Spec Paseo running the 5efe engine.

Questions Asked: Mechanical

    * Do Starlet engine mount bushes fit Paseos?

Yes, they should bolt straight up

    * Are there racing/paddle clutches available to Paseos?

If you buy a 3E-TE Flywheel, you can fit a Starlet Turbo clutch (or any uprated clutches made for the Starlet turbo). The Paseo clutch is 200mm whereas the Starlet Turbo clutch is 214mm. You can source a 3E-TE flywheel from ordering it through your local Toyota dealership, or through TM Developments.

    * Are there any uprated Cams available for the 5efe engine?

The only 'uprated' cams available are from the Japanese Cynos 5EFHE engine (a tuned version of the UK 5efe). Those are the only 'uprated' cams you can use but these don't work untill way past the 5efe rev limit, you will need to uprate the ECU somehow, Piggyback or otherwise.

You can use the ECU from the 5EFHE but you will need to also use the 5EFHE injectors. And as long as you get the ECU from the model without ACIS you are fine, if you get one WITH ACIS, it will not work.

Opinions show that this is really not worth it though, but if your up for trying anyway, by all means do. The 5EFHE is also found in american Tercels.

    * Is there any point in uprating the injectors?

Not really, no. The standard 5efe injectors are fine for any N/A tuning you throw at it.

    * Are there any uprated Intake Manifolds available?

Yes, there are. The best to find is an inlet manifold from the 4efe 'bugeye' Corolla (1998-2001). These allow more airflow but do decrease your average MPG.

    * Are there any uprated Exhaust Manifolds available?

OBX make a 4-2-1 exhaust manifold specifically for the Paseo. These can be found on eBay.

    * Are there any uprated gear shifters available?

Yes, TC Tuning make a short shifter than can also fit the Paseo, I have one in my ST. They are good for quick gear changes but can occasionally be too much for daily driving.

    * What air filters are available?

You can pretty much buy any tubular air filters for any car. If you want more specific, TRD make panel filters fit for the Paseo.

Questions Asked : Handling

    * Do Starlet Turbo front strut braces fit Paseos?

Yes, and likewise do any strut braces made for the Starlet EP82 and EP91.

    * Is there anything to brace the rear Strut Towers?

No, you don't need them either. The Paseo has a rear bulk head so produces enough rigidity to cope.

    * Is there anything I can do about the rear axle?

Yes, you can fit a Whiteline Adjustable Panhard Rod produced for the Starlets.

    * Suspension wise, do Starlet parts fit?

Yes, all Starlet suspension items fit the Paseo, this includes coilovers.

Questions Asked : Braking

    * Are there any uprated discs/pads available to the Paseo?

Yes, Black Diamond produce grooved discs to aid stopping, they also produce pads too.

    * Do Starlet rear disc brakes fit the Paseo?

Yes. You need to find a Starlet GT breaking for spares. If you take the full axle you will note it is shorter than the Paseo's axle, which will mean alot of poke on the wheels front. Thus, just take the hubs and discs. These can fit onto the Paseo's rear axle but you will have to use a Starlet GT Handbrake Cable too.

Questions Asked : Weightsaving

    * How can I make my Paseo lighter?

You can do things such as remove the rear seats, carpet, rear 3/4 plastics, rear bulkhead covers, rear shelf, audio speakers, doorcards (if you fancy saving weight but keeping electric windows - find a way of mounting the button on its own..), spare wheel, boot carpet, boot lining, sound deadening.. Then obviously going to extremes, check out Riko's Project Blog, Riko is saving as much weight as physically possible.

Questions Asked : Turbo..

    * Does a 4efte engine from the Starlet Turbo fit?

Yes, but you will need a custom wiring loom and ECU for it.

    * Can I Turbo my 5efe?

Yes, check out the "How To Build A 5E Turbo" thread in the Mechanical Builds section. The full list of parts needed and things to do is all in that thread.

More Q & A to be placed in here if/when they come up.

New Members Area / Welcome To UK Paseo Club *NEW MEMBERS PLEASE READ*
« on: January 18, 2012, 10:10:07 pm »
Welcome To UK Paseo Club.

The all new Owners Club dedicated to the Toyota Paseo/Cynos.

First of all, why not pop a post up in the New Members section, say hello, tell us a bit about yourself and recieve warm welcomes.

Secondly show us what your Paseo looks like, ask questions and look up information to help you out on any troubles.

Thirdly, enjoy your stay!

The Admin Team.

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