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Members Paseos / As Yet Un-Named - The Paseo
« on: September 28, 2018, 12:59:45 pm »
Well only a select few of you know about this one so far, but here it is in all its mighty... The As Yet Un-Named Paseo:

This one popped up on Facebook several weeks ago and it instantly caught my eye. I let a few people know about it and tried to gather interest before I ended up buying it myself. And here we are.

It's a 1996 ST, with an optional boot spoiler and optional Song cassette player with a 10 disc CD changer that currently doesn't work. I've not had a proper fiddle with it yet to see what's wrong with it. Might just be me. Other than that there's no rush, the bodywork has little scratches here and there but a damn good clean up and machine buff should sort a few of those. Otherwise it's mint. I'll end up replacing the rear bumper due to a deep scuff and it seems a little mis-shaped. Otherwise this is a truly awesome buy. One owner from new and I need to get in touch with the previous owner to see if they have the service history book. Evidently it has been serviced at every MOT too. This is why it's an awesome buy:

Yep! Not even run in yet! I'm aware of one or two other Paseos with mileage in the 20s but I believe this one is the lowest. Which as far as I'm aware is also the lowest left in the UK. That puts me at having the highest mileage and the lowest mileage in my fleet... sad git I am. Plans include leaving it exactly as is, however I will get it up on a ramp and give it a full undersealing to be absolutely sure that this will stay like this for years to come. I shan't be using it too much either, as I'd like to keep this as the lowest mileage.

Members Paseos / Roofus - The Roofless
« on: September 06, 2018, 06:02:56 pm »
The start of a new chapter...

Welcome, everyone, Roofus the Rootless, for the want of a better name. Through a lengthy conversation it became apparent that, with Rhys for sale, and a fellow member and Paseo nut being interested some sort of arrangement could be had. So fast forward a few weeks and here I was standing in this unit looking at a new chapter right infront of me.

It looked pretty tidy enough inside, although I'd already been warned it's by no means a perfect car. And in the unit it looked pretty tidy. Nothing major wrong.. apart from the roof. Now I was on strict understanding that essentially, this is a car with no roof. Which I guess, you can read into the word Convertible and get the idea, but you can also see this car. Now this particular car is a Convertible, but the roof is actually just as good down as it is up. So as we assumed it hadn't had a service since atleast 2005, an oil and filter change was decided before I left. I ofcourse roped Jim into doing that for me... I'm good like that.

Now a little history on Roofus. Arriving here, from Japan, in 2005 and living quite a quiet life both in the homeland and on arrival here. The mileage is incredibly low (29000 miles at the moment). It appeared to have changed hands around about 2008/9 iirc to which a lady in Docnaster owned it for a few years before her death. It was then when Jim managed to snap it up on eBay pretty cheap and it's sat in his unit ever since. I always insisted I'd have first dibs when the time comes and it has worked out well for the both of us.

I took the hour drive north east that evening for a drink and a bite to eat with Lost Cause (and once again thanks for putting me up at Lost Cause Hotel). At 8am the following morning I was ready to hit the road...

Ofcourse, at 8am 'oop noooth' it's not by any means warm. So hat was definitely my friend that morning. Also stops my hearing aids picking up the damn wind noise. The 4 hour drive home entirely roof down music up and a grin from ear to ear. It was an absolute dream to drive even if the 3 speed automatic is horrifically slow... but this isn't a fast car, it's a slow speed loser cruiser and I'm loving it.

It would appear though that at some stage someone put some gigantic balloons for tyres on those 15" alloys. Now, the alloys a rent majorly awful, and infact I quite like them now as they have grown on me. But they scrubbed occasionally on bumps and on full lock so more on that shortly.

I got it home, I drove it around a little and showed everyone who would look. I was loving it! But in a couple hours before work on Sunday, I started the work.

Here's what we start with... faded, battered and bruised...

I cracked out the machine buffer and got to work.

That's the difference between a revived bonnet and an untouched wing. It didn't take all that long to get it buffed up, and polished with show car glaze too.

Oh yeah... it also has boot strut issues too, so I made a boot prop and put in a better spare wheel than the space saver it came with.

So whilst at the unit I decided to load up some more wheels and go and see the tyre man.

And that evening I came back and fitted them along with the space lowered suspension I've had sitting waiting for its time to come. I'd managed to do it all within about 3.5 hours which is good for my lack of ability, a damaged rib and on the driveway and not a ramp!

(The above also highlights how awful this roof is...)

So, here we have a transformed car. Lowered, typical 90s MOMO Arrow alloys and polished to a much better colour than it was before.

I decided I'd just drive everywhere for the sake of it then. I even took a late night trip down to the sea with the roof down and a scarf on. Infact it was really nice with the top down and heater on. But my smile was wiped off when I came out to it the next morning.

Turns out one of the wheel weights that was on the inside was weeping air. So all sorted pretty quickly and the wheel was back on and away we go.

One of the biggest niggles with this car was the rear bumper. It didn't seem to have been rear ended, but I'd imagine more so reversed into many things over the time. It was ridged in various places and cracked and split in others. Good job I have a spare yellow bumper really then isn't it...

Whilst at it I fitted a set of OEM mudguards just to freshen it up a little. These are only a temporary fit, until I've got the Cynos kit sprayed up. So proud of what I'd achieved and having an hour spare, I took her up over the Quantock hills for a couple shots.

So last night, with my friend soon to be arriving, I removed the front seats ready for him to wetvac the full interior.

I should have taken a picture of the brown water we poured out of the tank... These seats were horrific!

I also painted the bolt points up too, but it's a shame the bolts let it down a little.

And last but not least, a set of square plates to finish it off nicely.

So there we have it... Roofus. Collected last Thursday, and I've been working. I've no idea how I've managed to do so much to be quite honest.

Members Paseos / CartySi's Tropicana Si
« on: September 05, 2018, 09:29:22 pm »
I had a visit from CartySi yesterday, and although he was sadly in his wife's Fiat 500, we had a good natter and hopefully confirmed the issue he has been having and found out how to rectify it. Following this he has asked me to pop up a couple of photos for him for you all to see.

Looks like a pretty tidy example in my eyes, although CartySi is still a little more criticisive of the paintwork, I'm pretty sure it can't be that bad! I'll update in this thread with photos and work you have done over time Dave.

National Shows / UK Paseo Club at Simply Japanese 2019
« on: August 06, 2018, 04:40:13 pm »
Having visited Beaulieu Motor Museum yesterday it dawned on me that we should get in quick for applying for a plot at the Simply Japanese event they hold. Sadly I missed this year's by just a few weeks, but if we plan ahead we can book a position and be part of it next year.

The date will be announced soon (I hope) but will be a weekend in July 2019.

Beaulieu is, I believe, the largest motor museum in the UK, with plenty to see and do. It's a great location for all the family and ofcourse, the event itself is held within the main grounds of Beaulieu. You will also have access to the house, gardens, world of Top Gear, Star Cars and the main museum itself.

I would suggest us try for 10 cars at the event, with enough notice as we are able to give on dates this should be easily achievable. I will let you all know on costs as soon as I know myself.

Who would be up for this?

Club Days & Local Meets / The Next UK Paseo Club Meet
« on: August 02, 2018, 02:25:25 pm »
Hello all!

Apologies for the lack of input from me lately, I've been quite a busy man! But now I'm back in full swing of things it's about time we arranged a meet. I'm thinking around the area of end of September/early October. However I would like your input on both dates and location.

Further to Conrads suggestion of maybe Weston-Super-Mare or something similarly located, it wouldn't be a bad idea - there's quite a few of us more southerly located, and infact I'd probably be able to talk my mum into bringing hers along for once as it's quite close. This being said, I'd feel bad on those further north if it were located closer to me.

So, answers on a postcard as they say, where would you like to see it based, and when would work best for everyone?

Weekend dates ofcourse, most likely look at a Saturday however Sunday may work better for most.

Paseo Classifieds / 1996 Toyota Paseo ST
« on: July 06, 2018, 03:53:43 pm »
It is with a heavy heart that I offer this car for sale. And even then really I'm only gauging interest...

1996 Toyota Paseo ST.

Simple spec list is...

110k miles
Starlet GT Turbo rear disc conversion with s sticky caliper (can supply full standard rear axle if needed/wanted)
Full Toyota Optional lip kit
Optional rear boot spoiler with 3rd brake light
Aftermarket extra front splitter with tie rods
EBay canards
Standard cloth interior (As I'll put the leather in one of my other Paseos)
Full stainless exhaust system (reasonably loud but not too offensive)
CD player (can't remember the make)
Custom eyebrows
16" Toyota alloys as per first photo

Basically this was my first car and I loved it. The miles I ended up putting on this one I decided to buy another Paseo to use every day, and placed this in storage. Life took over and it remained in storage until the chap (unbeknown to me at the time was dodgy) I was renting from sold everything that was in the storage. My car, and various others, were sold on and I only knew when someone bought it, Mot'd it and applied for the V5. Several aggravating months later I got the car back in my possession, so I drove it around for a while and added the silly modifications. Sadly it would appear that certain things on the MOT fail sheet were still there after it got a pass, and I didn't feel safe driving it, fell out of love with it and put in more secure and trustworthy storage. Since September 2017 it has sat there doing nothing but gathering dust and life is still taking over. I've got several other cars now and I just don't feel I'll ever have the love for this car again to do anything with it. It's not solidly for sale due to the sentimental value but should someone be interested to take it on and give it the love it needs, I'd be happy to let her go to someone waving a decent offer under my nose.

Due to go MOT it'll be a trailer job, however it starts and drives so won't be an issue getting it onto a trailer.

Located just outside of Taunton, Somerset.

Any questions, just ask.

Members Paseos / Project - Not Another One
« on: June 26, 2018, 07:54:52 pm »

Yep, it is.

Several months ago I was contacted by a chap with a Black Si in need of some TLC. Being it was a Paseo, obviously I was interested in it. I was told it wasn't in too bad condition, but it won't go through its next MOT because it has a de-cat exhaust fitted. Other than that there's nothing wrong with it but the owner didn't have time. We didn't talk any prices but I expressed my interest and the conversation went dead.

Meanwhile off he pops to Cyprus, where he saw another Paseo for the first time, and this boosted some enthusiasm and now with the car off the road he set about stripping it down ready for an engine rebuild and potential power gains. So off come a few bits and he then figures he can't be bothered. Working in the motor trade drains any enthusiasm outside of work, I know that feeling all too well (hence I'm not in it anymore).

Well that brings us to last week, when he contacted me asking if I'd still be interested. Uhh... does a bear sh!t in the woods?? So with the other half not overly pleased about this, off I trott down to Southampton armed with money and spare tools incase it hadn't been put back together properly.

So the low down is, it's rust free but a little ropey of the paintwork. This won't be too hard to rectify on the most of it - a damn good machine polish will certainly help with most light scratches. Let's face it, the old girl is 22 this year.

The front corner could do with some fresh paint, not too hard to sort. A few other chips could do with a touch in too, again, nothing painful.

The original 14" Griffin alloy wheels could do with a scrub, but I know they are going to be pitted beneath, as they all are. Therefore, a weekend and 35 of paint and I'll have these looking beautiful too.

The interior looks ok from this view, but bits have been removed or toyed with, and it could do with a good clean. All parts missing have come with the car, but if I have better items in stock I'll use those to freshen it up.

She's the lowest miler in my fleet too, infact she's the only one below 100000 miles.

The spoiler had been removed in search of where water was getting into the wheel well, and then never got round to fitting again. That'll be a 5 minute job providing I can find myself the right nuts to tighten it with.

And there's the worst bit. I'm not sure what the story is behind this but I don't think it'll be too bad to sort. Might take a little more work than the other bits but it will be worth it to totally tidy it up.

And there's that huge ads, gigantic, size of the titanic fart cannon exhaust which is annoyingly loud. Rumface has already called dibs on that as it will be coming off over the next few days, and a standard system will be going in its place.

And there we have it. A low enough miler with a full lip kit and in black. With a damn good freshen up she will see new life. I'm undecided either it'll stay with me or be sold on once finished, but time will tell. I'll have to sell one to keep this one anyway..

Watch this space.

Club Days & Local Meets / Sera Sunday - Sunday 24th June
« on: June 17, 2018, 09:53:46 am »
Just a quick one and with little notice (sorry!)

Myself and Lost Cause will be meeting up at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon on Sunday 24th (next weekend) for the Sera Sunday, a day where Toyota Sera owners all meet up and chat all things cars. We made the trip down to it last year and it was great fun, and they were all too interested in the Paseo too, being it's a sister car. They have kindly invited us along again and we feel it would be great of some others would join us for the fun.

British Motor Museum, Banbury Rd, Gaydon, Warwick CV35 0BJ

I'm unsure of what time it'll start but we will probably arrive around 10am.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Forum Announcements / The Blenheim Palace aftermath
« on: April 15, 2018, 12:14:45 pm »
A good day was had by all.

A huge thanks to all that attended and I look forward to seeing all of your photos too.

Click Here For The Photos

Forum Announcements / An Update For Blenheim Palace
« on: April 11, 2018, 01:38:39 pm »

The time is very close, just a few days!

On Saturday (14th) we will be at Blenheim Palace for an early year meeting.

I'm intending to arrive around 10am at the main car park entered from Oxford Road just before Woodstock:

You should be able to spot us parked on the right hand side as you continue toward the palace. Lunch ideas are to be decided on the day, and hopefully with a definite headcount once we are there I'd like to try for a group discount for the house/grounds or both. It may be that early afternoon we convoy to a nearby location for food but as we will all be new to the area it is uncertain.

I look forward to seeing you all there.


Forum Announcements / Get Your Diaries Out
« on: January 25, 2018, 04:47:04 pm »
Blenheim Palace Meet

Ahead of the normal September meets, we will be holding a meeting at Blenheim Palace in April.

Click Here for the full details, and of course to get your names down!

Club Days & Local Meets / UK Paseo Club Meet - April 14th 2018
« on: January 25, 2018, 04:15:27 pm »
Hi guys and girls,

I've sent out a few WhatsApp messages and it seems that this location for the meet in April is a thumbs up from all who I have contacted so far.

Blenheim Palace

Sitting just outside of Oxford, accessible with ease from the M40, M4 and M1 with major A road routes otherwise. Blenheim Palace seems to have the wow factor when it comes to photogenic purposes, aswell as being of interest to those of us for a good day out around the house and gardens too.

Admission prices for the house and gardens stands at 26 for all in, and 16 for just the gardens. I will be in contact with them about a group discount for those interested but it seems the car park is free to use - I will need to double check this.


The date will be Saturday 14th April, meeting between 9:30 And 10am, which will give us all a chance to be a little late however also gives us time for a good old chat about cars and putting new names to faces.

The address for Blenheim Palace is:

Oxford Road
OX20 1PP


I have been in talks with Mick, and being he is familiar with the area having worked at Blenheim in the past, he is going to have a look around for cheaper accommodation options for those of us who would like to stay over. It's an expensive area as it is a true tourist attraction area. But, it could mean a good several of us convoying to a nearby location for a Travel Lodge or the likes.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Mick in advance for his help.

So, with all that above, get your names down, time booked off work and put it down on your calender. Let's have a great day!

1. Galliano - (Yet to be decided which car...)
2. CLDJ - Tropicana ST
3. Lost Cause - Azure Si
4. Mick- Tropicana ST
5. Paul - Black Si
6. Sue - Galliano
7. Conrad - Quicksilver ST (maybe)
8. Clive & Jen - Tropicana Si (Definitely maybe)
9. Rumface - Tropicana ST (maybe)

Forum Announcements / Starting To Plan Our Next Meeting (Early 2018)
« on: October 03, 2017, 09:10:32 am »

After the success of the last meet, and a few members suggesting upping to two meetings a year, we now have our plans thread live. Let's see what we can get arranged.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to go direct to the thread.

Forum Announcements / Aftermath of the September meet
« on: October 03, 2017, 09:04:19 am »

What a great time we had!

It was great to out names to faces, meet new people and chat all things cars for a good 24 hours. We had a really good turn out throughout the day and I'm looking forward to seeing all of you and more at the next meeting.

Click here to view the aftermath thread and all of our photographs.

Club Days & Local Meets / 2018 Early Meet Planning Stage
« on: October 03, 2017, 08:59:02 am »
Hi Guys and Girls,

It was discussed whilst at the meet back in September, that we should have ourselves a meeting earlier in the year too. So in the light of this, what kind of time of year are we thinking?

I'm thinking around March/April time, however the need to avoid Easter as the roads will be chocca, and also family gatherings happen around this time too.

Also with that comes the location. Instead of doing a weekend of it, I'm thinking just doing a full day on the Saturday, and for those who would like to stay local, this can be arranged. That way it breaks up the travelling for those who don't fancy such a distance all in one.

So, what sort of dates and what location (area) are we all thinking?

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