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Paseo Classifieds / Re: 1996 Toyota Paseo ST
« on: July 18, 2018, 08:38:47 pm »
I will be looking for on in the future, so you are selling about two years to early for me! Ultimately, I would love to get hold of another Galliano.

Well it's not totally set in stone but I have too many cars and something has to give. Since this one went walkabouts for several months and come back in poor state, I've kind of fallen out of love with it. It's sat in storage since a week after the meet last year and I've not touched it since. Maybe if I got it back out to play I'll feel something for it again - but then if I do that none of them will go anywhere and that's no good either.

Paseo Classifieds / Re: 1996 Toyota Paseo ST
« on: July 16, 2018, 10:09:33 am »
Just a little bump up to say this one does need to go in afraid. I'm open to sensible offers if she is going to a good home. I don't particularly want to have to break her down for spares but if needs must needs must.

It would indeed be a shame if it were to go to scrap. I hope someone can find the kindness in their heart. Had it been for any other damage than a blown engine I'd have been interested myself but sadly it's a bit too far from me and I already have too many Paseos laying around.

Best of luck with the sale, however.

Members Paseos / Re: Project - Not Another One
« on: July 13, 2018, 09:57:53 am »
I didn't know they were still making Wheeler Dealers, I was thinking of the old episodes that are always repeated on 'Quest' or somesuch haha.

Yeah still making new series. Discovery took over the rights to it and wanted to change the programme to be more about the history of the cars, so Ed China jumped ship as he believed the best bit of the show was the repairs. This Ant guy is quite good, and it seems they haven't lost too much workshop time.

Members Paseos / Re: Project - Not Another One
« on: July 12, 2018, 06:15:57 pm »
Plus Ed China is a legend :)

And no longer in it. They have Ant something now. He's not bad but it isn't the same anymore.

**EDIT: woa woa woa back up a minute.... I've just realised what you meant. You, Sir, are going the right way about getting yourself banned.

Members Paseos / Re: Project - Not Another One
« on: July 11, 2018, 07:54:45 pm »
Excellent work there galliano those wheels are looking really tidy. Youíre like mike Brewer and ed China all in one person 👍

Mike Brewer.... I can't stand that bloke. I only watch wheeler dealers because of the cars!

Members Paseos / Re: Project - Not Another One
« on: July 11, 2018, 10:32:06 am »
Right then....

Episode 1 - I'm wheely tyred.

Its rare for me now to have a day off, but with the missus in tow I got myself down to Halfords and picked up several cans of alloy wheel paint, lacquer and a battery for Dan's Citroen. Once the pain of fitting a battery to a new car, we were back on our way. Next stop was Wickes to pick up the masking tape and sandpaper... and getting distracted by Dulux colour charts and what Mrs Galliano wants for an entire house. (You can see what the money of selling a few cars will end up going on...)

Back home, and both front wheels off, I got to work. These 14" Griffins fitted standard to the Si are a nightmare to keep nice, as the brake dust pits the inserts if not regularly cleaned with some form of acidic cleaner, and these had been neglected for quite some years it would appear.

The drivers front wheel was certainly in the worst state imaginable. It took quite some sanding of the inserts to remove the worst, before it was on to a coat of primer.

The primer dried within a matter of minutes, I guess this strange British summer we are having is a good help in refurbishing alloy wheels.

With the paint and lacquer on it was looking fantastic, although there are a few dark spots where the lacquer seems to have been thicker. My bad on that one. But hey, I'm no professional!

And on she goes... and the other side too.

I'll give the wheel nuts a polish up another time. For now though the main thing was to get the car back on the ground. The rear wheels I will try and do in an evening over the weekend, and then it'll be onto the bodywork and interior.

Paseo Classifieds / 1996 Toyota Paseo ST
« on: July 06, 2018, 03:53:43 pm »
It is with a heavy heart that I offer this car for sale. And even then really I'm only gauging interest...

1996 Toyota Paseo ST.

Simple spec list is...

110k miles
Starlet GT Turbo rear disc conversion with s sticky caliper (can supply full standard rear axle if needed/wanted)
Full Toyota Optional lip kit
Optional rear boot spoiler with 3rd brake light
Aftermarket extra front splitter with tie rods
EBay canards
Standard cloth interior (As I'll put the leather in one of my other Paseos)
Full stainless exhaust system (reasonably loud but not too offensive)
CD player (can't remember the make)
Custom eyebrows
16" Toyota alloys as per first photo

Basically this was my first car and I loved it. The miles I ended up putting on this one I decided to buy another Paseo to use every day, and placed this in storage. Life took over and it remained in storage until the chap (unbeknown to me at the time was dodgy) I was renting from sold everything that was in the storage. My car, and various others, were sold on and I only knew when someone bought it, Mot'd it and applied for the V5. Several aggravating months later I got the car back in my possession, so I drove it around for a while and added the silly modifications. Sadly it would appear that certain things on the MOT fail sheet were still there after it got a pass, and I didn't feel safe driving it, fell out of love with it and put in more secure and trustworthy storage. Since September 2017 it has sat there doing nothing but gathering dust and life is still taking over. I've got several other cars now and I just don't feel I'll ever have the love for this car again to do anything with it. It's not solidly for sale due to the sentimental value but should someone be interested to take it on and give it the love it needs, I'd be happy to let her go to someone waving a decent offer under my nose.

Due to go MOT it'll be a trailer job, however it starts and drives so won't be an issue getting it onto a trailer.

Located just outside of Taunton, Somerset.

Any questions, just ask.

I wouldn't like to see it go to scrap for the sake of needing a new engine, if the shell is good. I've sent you a PM.


Members Paseos / Re: Project - Not Another One
« on: June 27, 2018, 12:51:15 pm »
Now now, less of the low quality  :P

Members Paseos / Re: Project - Not Another One
« on: June 27, 2018, 10:02:57 am »
Looks like itíll make a nice one, low miles and rust free just add it to the fleet lol

Don't say things like that. I shouldn't be encouraged, and you don't want to get on the wrong side of Anna!  :D

Should clean up nice :)

Please tell me you're not going to get rid of Polly to keep this one? She's been trooping on for too long to get dumped for a nicer model ;)

No that won't be the case. A good friend of mine may well be interested as it goes, depending on price and how she turns out. Time will have to tell.

Hi Phil2912,

There are two of us that man the approvals but I get an email each time it's needed, I've had a scroll through and can't find anything that has been posted? The review lasts for the first 5 (I think) posts as we had alot of issues with spam accounts springing up and posting 100 posts a time..  became an absolute pain.

Please do pop up a post in the classifieds with some photos and a good description, including price and location. I'll keep an eye on my emails for it.


Members Paseos / Project - Not Another One
« on: June 26, 2018, 07:54:52 pm »

Yep, it is.

Several months ago I was contacted by a chap with a Black Si in need of some TLC. Being it was a Paseo, obviously I was interested in it. I was told it wasn't in too bad condition, but it won't go through its next MOT because it has a de-cat exhaust fitted. Other than that there's nothing wrong with it but the owner didn't have time. We didn't talk any prices but I expressed my interest and the conversation went dead.

Meanwhile off he pops to Cyprus, where he saw another Paseo for the first time, and this boosted some enthusiasm and now with the car off the road he set about stripping it down ready for an engine rebuild and potential power gains. So off come a few bits and he then figures he can't be bothered. Working in the motor trade drains any enthusiasm outside of work, I know that feeling all too well (hence I'm not in it anymore).

Well that brings us to last week, when he contacted me asking if I'd still be interested. Uhh... does a bear sh!t in the woods?? So with the other half not overly pleased about this, off I trott down to Southampton armed with money and spare tools incase it hadn't been put back together properly.

So the low down is, it's rust free but a little ropey of the paintwork. This won't be too hard to rectify on the most of it - a damn good machine polish will certainly help with most light scratches. Let's face it, the old girl is 22 this year.

The front corner could do with some fresh paint, not too hard to sort. A few other chips could do with a touch in too, again, nothing painful.

The original 14" Griffin alloy wheels could do with a scrub, but I know they are going to be pitted beneath, as they all are. Therefore, a weekend and £35 of paint and I'll have these looking beautiful too.

The interior looks ok from this view, but bits have been removed or toyed with, and it could do with a good clean. All parts missing have come with the car, but if I have better items in stock I'll use those to freshen it up.

She's the lowest miler in my fleet too, infact she's the only one below 100000 miles.

The spoiler had been removed in search of where water was getting into the wheel well, and then never got round to fitting again. That'll be a 5 minute job providing I can find myself the right nuts to tighten it with.

And there's the worst bit. I'm not sure what the story is behind this but I don't think it'll be too bad to sort. Might take a little more work than the other bits but it will be worth it to totally tidy it up.

And there's that huge ads, gigantic, size of the titanic fart cannon exhaust which is annoyingly loud. Rumface has already called dibs on that as it will be coming off over the next few days, and a standard system will be going in its place.

And there we have it. A low enough miler with a full lip kit and in black. With a damn good freshen up she will see new life. I'm undecided either it'll stay with me or be sold on once finished, but time will tell. I'll have to sell one to keep this one anyway..

Watch this space.

Club Days & Local Meets / Re: Sera Sunday - Sunday 24th June
« on: June 23, 2018, 02:16:36 pm »
Just a quick bump for those who may not have seen it, but this is happening tomorrow and both myself and Lost Cause will be in attendance.

The venue is fantastic, Sera Sunday is free although the museum itself is pricey. If you feel you would go back, it's well worth gift aiding your ticket and therefore you will get free admittance for 12 months. It is home to some really interesting vehicles built in Britain. Including access to the 'storage facility where they house alot of original concepts and design test cars too.

Technical & Maintenance / Re: Rear Shocks
« on: June 23, 2018, 11:19:00 am »
I would like to do more work on my Paseo myself but I don't feel I have the competence to do the change this time.  If I had the tools and didn't live on a busy terraced street maybe, but not this time.

I have gone around a few garages this morning and they are all booked for a week or so, or one placed close to me is refurbishing and opening early July so I may just wait a week.

Swapping the fill spring and shock together is much easier, however even I wouldn't be too comfortable compressing springs myself and removing them. I can do most of the basics but that's one thing I'm not overly keen on.

A week or so wait isn't too bad. The current shock will see that through anyway. It wouldn't be long of a job so labour won't be so high in price.

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