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Hi everyone,

Iím new to the club Iíve just bought a Galliano, it needs a few things but main thing for me at the moment is to get the fuel tank changed as itís leaking.

Does anyone know who has changed one before ?

Offline Japthroughandthrough #1 on: October 07, 2017, 01:01:07 am

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I have done mine, its not too bad to do but I guess getting the replacement part would be expensive.

I did mine about 10 years ago and I got the tank from the dealer.

Where you getting the parts from?


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Wow Conrad, your first tank didn't last very well if you had to replace it 10 years ago?? That was bad luck!

I expect a Starlet tank would fit. Personally I'd probably get a second hand one and then have it deep cleaned (inside and out) and powder coated - should outlast the rest of the car then.