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Offline Ant on: June 05, 2014, 01:15:57 pm

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Hello to all.

This is a free listing section of the forum, we don't charge silly money to post up your sales threads on your cars, parts or other items, but we do ask for certain details to be addressed within the listing. Any listing that does not include these details will be deleted and a PM will be sent to the author to address the issue we have.

Please contain the following when selling items:

Contact Details

And when breaking a car you must include these in addition to the above:

What main parts are available/not available (engine, gearbox, body panels)
Damage to the vehicle
Reason for needing to break (e.g. head gasket failure, rear bumper collision damage, MoT failure etc)

This creates a base for a buyer to go by. And please keep checking back to see if there has been any movement on your advert. There could be someone replying within minutes of you signing off, and when you don't return to respond within at most a week, you could miss out on a sale. This doesn't just help the buyer, it helps you, the seller - you can use "Notify me of replies" to be sent an email on any responses.

This is only a small ask. So please stick to it.

Thank you.