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Offline Galliano on: February 10, 2019, 08:01:40 pm

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Here we have for sale a 1996 Paseo ST in Quicksilver with less than 28000 miles on the clock.

The now elderly owner has contacted me to advertise the car strictly to a loving enthusiast home, who will cherish it and love it just as much as she has.

She bought the car new from Cowies Toyota in Bristol, and it has always been a second car for the family. Her husband had a succession of saloon cars also from Toyota, which they would use more so due to practicality. The Paseo was always her pottering about car and distance travelling was always done in her husband's car.

Sadly, due to ill health, her husband has given up driving and she now drives the main car, again due to practicality. She has decided, painfully reluctantly, to sell the Paseo as she would rather it be enjoyed than sit in the garage.

The car is totally honest. It's straight and true. Genuinely, aside from the typical underside surface rust on mechanical parts, this is the only rust I can find:

The arches and sills are free from rust:

The underside is clean with very minimal surface rust spots

The original cassette player is still in place:

It has optional 14" Griffin alloy wheels:

Optional floor mats and headlamp protectors too. The engine bay is clean and tidy with mostly just dust spoiling the cleanliness:

And now for the bad bits. Sadly due to her husband's ill health the car has suffered a few bumps in just the last year or so. He was insistent on getting the lawn mower out of the garage and so, removed the car. In doing so he clipped the front wing and front bumper corner on the sides of the garage door.

Other than that, the rear bumper has some marks on the passenger bottom (I should imagine this is where something gets placed in the garage, and has caught numerous times in removing and placing it back)

A mark on the rear drivers corner

And the bottom of the front bumper - again I imagine something it makes contact with in the garage.

Other than that there's many light blemishes of which the majority of should simply buff out. (I can offer this service should the new owner request)

But really, you need to take in the overall car and appreciate how well it has been kept by its one and only owner in the last 23 years.

Full service history:

4/1997 - 1635 Miles
8/1997 - 3112 Miles
11/1998 - 6954 Miles
9/1999 - 9702 Miles
9/2000 - 13304 Miles
9/2001 - 15605 Miles
9/2002 - 18029 Miles
9/2003 - 19343 Miles
9/2004 - 21505 Miles
9/2005 - 21888 Miles
(Between 2005 and 2011 the owner was ill. The car was mostly only driven to and from it's MOT to keep the road tax and insurance)
1/2011 - 23982 Miles
1/2012 - 24475 Miles
1/2013 - 24949 Miles
1/2014 - 25322 Miles
1/2016 - 25724 Miles
1/2017 - 26635 Miles

Cambelt done in February 2011 at 24002 Miles.

They are open to sensible offers bearing in mind the mileage, history and originality. They have decided not to spend the money on the paintwork purely as to keep it with completely original paint. It would be up to the purchaser to decide whether the originality is kept or lost. The wing mirrors are colour coded, and this was done by the dealership when new, along with the optional extras, to enhance its sellability.

I can pass on their contact details to the right buyer, however they wish for the correspondence to go through me first.

As previously stated, sensible offers with mileage and history in mind. Fresh MOT was put on it 2 weeks ago. Car is located near Bristol.
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Hi, my wife has just had to say goodbye to her second Quicksilver Paseo because it failed it's MOT and her first one was written off. She loves Paseo's despite the fact that that they are a little impractical with a grown up family! Bristol is a bit far away from us and she hadn't budgeted for getting another car so soon but she would love another Paseo so what kind of sensible offer would the owner be looking for as I don't want to waste anyones time or seem cheeky. Many thanks

Offline Galliano #3 on: March 16, 2019, 05:30:51 pm

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From what I'm gathering from the current owner, they would be looking around the 2000 mark. There is a white ST on eBay at the moment asking 2,450 for 24000 miles. So with that in mind it would be up to you what kind of figure you could do.

Also, if it makes any odds to you, should fuel and a train fare home be catered for by yourselves, I don't mind delivering the car to you as it isn't overly far away from me.